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Sure Telecom is Australia’s number one provider of telecommunications services ranging from landline to broadband internet. Established in 2011, Sure Telecom managed to provide services at par with some of the best in the industry. Founded by James Harrison, Sure Telecom’s goal since its foundation was to deliver full range of telecommunications services with consideration to not only the quality of service but also the price. Providing better value for the services that you experience, the company has gained support from different clients ranging from individuals to businesses of all sizes. Sure Telecom caters towards both residential and commercial clients in need of full range of telecommunications services.


Having a landline remains as one of the most needed amenities for both residential and commercial establishments. Despite the presence of emails, VoIP, and other advanced technologies, having a landline is still the easiest way to communicate with anyone out there. With enough technicians to accommodate requests for installation and any technical difficulties, Sure Telecom offers affordable and reliable landline solutions.
Landline solutions offered by Sure Telecom provide affordable local, national and mobile calls along with an easy to pay base plan. Starting with a $29 plan, all the way to $69 plan, each plan was made according to the different users. Based on the information provided on the site, the $39 package is highly suggested towards local users, while $69 plans are more for the national heavy subscribers.
Among the other things offered by Sure Telecom’s Landline services include

· Message bank service
· Call number display
· Line hunt share
· Silent line and
· Telstra handset rental


The number of Australians looking for fast and affordable internet is now growing. In fact, Australia had an effort to make sure that the internet connection enjoyed by individuals and businesses today is sufficient to carry out different processes that make communication faster. Australia has managed to hike up its internet connection speed in 2013 by as much as 27% from 2012 according to a research. This shows how Australians today are looking for better internet connection

The internet is not one of the best ways on how to gather information, not to mention communicate with other people all over the world. Given the fast internet requirement in Australia, Sure Telecom provides some of the best solutions meant towards those who have their business, or individuals who simply need to be hooked online for correspondence.

Sure Telecom rewards their landline subscribers by providing free installation for broadband under the Broadband Free Connect promo. This allows subscribers to not pay for any hardware used to have their internet connection. Monthly charges begin at $49 and can vary up to $66 a month. These wide varieties of options allow users to have the right subscription that would match their needs.

Sure Telecom believes in affordable and reliable internet connection. Also, they believe that it is possible to provide honest services to their subscribers. Most providers charge their clients for the excess data that they consume for the month. This is not the case with Sure Telecom, as they only stop you from further downloads. This allows you to stay within your budget.

As a way to incentivize their subscribers to recommend their friends, Sure Telecom also offers 5% lifetime discount on monthly subscription per successful client that signs up with Sure Telecom.

Mobile Services

How many people today are in need of mobile phone? Having a mobile phone is important considering how most people are trying to stay connected with their work and loved ones. Given this situation, Sure Telecom provided good options that can be practical for everyone. The mobile services provided by Sure Telecom are catered not only for call and texts but also for data that would be used for internet browsing. You will also be given a phone along with your subscription.

How crucial is communications today?
Communications is important in order to maintain the different activities that we do. Whether it is for casual socializations or for business, it is important to have the right tools ready. In today’s modern world, communication is made faster than ever. Businesses for instance need to offer better communications, whether it is through their emails or through calls. In order to support the industries and the needs of many individuals for better communications, Sure Telecom provides different services that would cater to their individual needs.
Sure Telecom is the premier Australian telecommunications company that managed to bring numbers telecommunications solutions to the Australian Market. Though relatively young compared to the other players, they managed to capture the attention of their target market as they cater their broadband, landline and mobile services.

Established in 2011, this company has managed surpass expectations by answering to the needs of the market. Within the last three years, the company managed to grow to the size of its competitors by providing top notch services for their clients.
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